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Diamond Power Sweden AB


We have the knowledge and the tools for giving you the best boiler performance and can provide products and services as follows.

Sootblowers with Controls

    We have a full range of sootblowers comprising among others:
  • Fixed Position Multi-Nozzle Rotating Element Sootblower type G9B.
  • Short Retractable Sootblower type IR2G.
  • Travelling Element Sootblower type IK1M.
  • Long Retractable Sootblowers type IK 4M, IK 525, IK 545, IK SDE, IK 600MX™.
  • PLC Panels.

Port Rodders
Port Rodders
  • Customised Port Rodders to fit air ports on Recovery Boiler of all makes.
  • CAMROD for Smelt Bed Cameras.
  • SPRAYROD for Liquor guns.

Diagnostic Equipment
Diagnostic Equipment
  • High Temperature Imaging Cameras for all types of combustion processes.
  • Carryover Monitoring Systems for Recovery Boilers.
  • Gastemp™ Optical Pyrometers, a tool for gas temperature measurement.
  • Acoustic Pyrometer. Accurate, Real-Time, Gas Temperature Measurement.
  • Acoustic Monitoring System for Leak Detection on Boilers.

  • Sootblowers and Port Rodders.
  • Diagnostic products including IR Smelt Bed Camera Systems.

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