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ISO 9001:2000

Diamond Power Sweden AB

Port Rodders

The worlds most compact, reliable, and cost-effective port rodding system.

Rodding Robot 3080T

3080t Diamond Rodding Robot fits Recovery Boilers of all makes.
The rodder keeps the air port clean by only one stroke.
The tool which cleans the air port, FLEXHEAD is customized to fit the shape of the port.

Rodding Robot 3080GT

3080gt Gas tight rodder in stainless steel suitable for cleaning air ports when burning various gases in the recovery boiler.

Rodding Robot SPRAYROD

Sprayrod Rodder for keeping the splash plate of the liquor gun free from build up of debris. Improves the spray trajectory and boiler performance.

Rodding Robot CAMROD

Camrod For use in conjunction with a smelt bed camera. Keeps the lens port clean at all times, no need to retract the camera while rodding. Extends life of camera lens.

Download the Rodding Robot Systems broschure here: dsab_rodding_robot.pdf (500kb)
Available in Russian language here: rodding_robot_russian.pdf (500kb)

Download the SPRAYROD leaflet here: dsab_sprayrod.pdf (109kb)
Download the CAMROD leaflet here: dsab_camrod_english.pdf (149kb)

Pictures of installations, click here.
View movie clip of the cleaning action, click here. (0,7MB Windows Media)