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Diagnostic Equipment

Infrared Imaging Systems

Infrared The Smelt Bed Imaging System allows operators to optimize the lower furnace operation of recovery boilers without fear of losing control of the bed. As the lower furnace operation largely determines the effectiveness of the boiler performance, many benefits can be obtained from this improved operation.

Visible Imaging System

Visible The High Temperature Visible Imaging sensor helps operators by providing real-time, live action, colour video imaging of the fireside of your high temperature process.

Viewing flame & other fireside features, such as walls and grates, and ash recovery in power boilers, kilns, and incinerators

Carryover Monitoring System™

Carryover The CMS monitors on-line luminous particle activity in a boiler by employing multiple sensors at selected locations. This allows operators to monitor particle carryover in several locations at the same time.
Recovery Boiler
Utility Boilers
Waste to energy Boilers

Extended Range GasTemp™

Extended (GasTemp XR) optical pyrometer provides a reliable and accurate tool for measuring gas temperatures during all phases of boiler operations.
+/- 28°C
From 300° to 1845°C

Utility boilers
Recovery boilers
Waste to energy boilers

Acoustic Pyrometry

Acoustic SEI is the worldwide leader in acoustic sensing technology for measurement of very hot gas temperatures and gas velocity/flow in large ducts and stacks. The Boilerwatch® products use SEI's patented acoustic signal processing technologies, which provide accurate and repeatable measurements in a variety of harsh and noisy industrial environments. These technologies were developed by SEI and proven through installations and critical testing in a large number of applications throughout the world.

Boilerwatch® SP
Boilerwatch® MMP

For more info visit: www.sciengr.com

Leak Detection

Leak Online Acoustic Leak detection Systems used to find leaks in pressurized vessels including Power Boilers, Recovery Boilers and feedwater heaters.
Diamond Power is proud to introduce the Triple 5 Industries designed AMS-3 system to acoustically monitor Recovery Boilers, Power Boilers and Feedwater Heaters to aid in early leak detection. The system listens to the internal noises in the boiler using acoustic emission sensors mounted onto metalborne waveguides which do not invade the boiler.

For more info visit: www.triple5industries.com

Camera service

Camera When you have a question or problem with your equipment, you want answers fast. Our qualified service technicians can be reached quickly by telephone, fax, e-mail. We are ready to respond if you have an emergency.
Diamond Power undertakes in-house repairs.
Replacement part kits have been designed to easily support customer repairs.
Most parts are available in stock to ensure rapid support in emergency situations.